Why The Tech Industry Values Internship Experience

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The most common concern of the freshers these days is to deal with the question of work experience when they are applying for the job. In today’s competitive era, every company is scanning for the best applicant with industry experience.

Tech jobs require a subsequent amount of experience such as handling with machines, working on software, problem-solving skills, keeping up with projects and their deadlines, etc.

Only acquiring a degree is not good enough for an applicant to settle for a good job, they require industrial and technical work practice, and here acquiring a paid IT internship perform a vital role for them. An internship is that phase of learning for students when their skills are horned, and they get a chance to put knowledge into practice.


  • Real-Time Industry Experience and Exposure:

For a job, only classroom lectures are not enough; one must know the set of skills required at work premises. Applicants are required to have hands-on familiarity with the workings in real-time situations. Internships uncover the possibilities for learners to implement their academic information that they have acquired, to be put to use for their work in industries. They perceive a first hand-exposure functioning below a trainer, their performance is observed by trainers who lead them, encourage them, and then proffer them with advice which ultimately adds values to their crafts.

We can say that an internship is the most reliable means to bridge the gap amidst the employer’s demands and academics knowledge. Whether it’s a compensated or uncompensated internship, trainees should seek to acquire expertise and knowledge as much as they can because this period of internship is a long term investment that adds a greater value to their job positions.

The internship hosting organization invests their time and energy and helps them to prepare for full-time job opportunities plus trainees gain an in-depth experience of their particular field aside from just theoretical knowledge.


  • Transition From A Student To A Professional:

An internship transforms a student’s personality, their vision regarding work and knowledge is changed. Students get an experience of work culture and understanding of dealing with clients, coping up with deadlines, a formal chain of communication between the different levels of management, etc.

An employer prefers an applicant with an internship experience because a technical job requires on the job training or apprenticeship, but to conduct such training programs the company has to spend some funds and also invest some time, but in case of hires who are already experienced with internships and placements under their belts, a company can save up in the costs of training, spend less time waiting for these employees to get settled in, and therefore, can expect faster and better results.


  • Explore the Career Opportunity:

Internships provide an opportunity for the freshers to explore their preferred profession. Seldom it happens that a particular field is interesting for a learner initially but later their inclination is changed and they prefer a different field. Internship acts as a trial for future employees, and it assists them in choosing their desired arena by working as a trainee, amidst various alternatives for them.


If someone has a suitable internship experience presented on their resume, that will give them an edge over all other applicants applying for the same position. Tech companies offering internships know that graduates do not possess any working experience and may lack the abilities needed to start work from the very first day. Companies value internship knowledge because they equip trainees with specific skills and expertise, that one cannot achieve in-class lectures.